Word Tango: Find the words

Word Tango: Find the words
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The rules are fun and very simple: the game shows words with missing letters. Letters can be dragged to the empty positions to complete the words. Find all the correct words and proceed to the next level.

Word Tango is played without time-limit. It has an infinite number of levels, randomly generated for the player. Earn extra coins and use a hint when you are stuck.

Play in English or learn new languages and play in Kernewek (Cornish), Cymraeg (Welsh), Nederlands (Dutch), Dansk (Danish), Føroyskt (Faroese), Frisian (Frysk) or Íslenska (Icelandic) . New languages will be added very soon.

Word Tango is the new word search puzzle game you have been waiting for , so try it now !


– Free to play
– Play and improve your language skills
– Train your brain while having fun
– Infinite number of levels, randomly generated for the player
– No time limits, no pressure , just enjoy !
– Addictive and entertaining
– Beautiful fresh and modern visual design for a pleasant experience
– Collect extra coins
– Use a hint when you are stuck
– Learn English or learn Welsh, Cornish, Faroese, Danish, Dutch, Frisian or Icelandic
– Developed with love

We will be adding more features and many more languages.

Have fun !


[Text taken directly from Play Store description. Copyright Smiling Cube Studios]

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