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Are you being bullied? Are you having difficulty staying in education? Do you know you have a say in decisions that affect you?
Wmff! is a new and unique bilingual mobile app for 14-25 year olds in Wales. It offers practical solutions via our survival guides, live messaging and secure forums.
Supported by SNAP Cymru, a leading Wales-only charity that works with children and young people with additional learning needs or who are at risk of falling between the cracks in the education system or job market, Wmff! can give you instant help on the important issues that affect your future prospects.
Developed in conjunction with young people in Wales and featuring stories from those who have had difficulties in the past and come out the other side, Wmff! offers help based on real experience with practical solutions to ensure that whatever problem you’re having in school, further education or getting a foothold in the workplace, SNAP Cymru’s assistance will be on call via the app.
Wmff! is part of the Reach the Heights Project part funded by the European Social Fund.

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