Vocab Game Welsh Cymraeg

Vocab Game Welsh Cymraeg
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This Vocab Game familiarizes the player with approximately 8000 Welsh words.

* Version: 1.0.7 ( Fri, Nov 27, 2015 7:15:30 PM)

* Objective: The objective of the game is to work your way through 200 levels of vocabulary. Once you have completed the 200 levels, you will have familiarised yourself with approximately 8000 words or terms.

* How to Play: Select any level with a star to begin play. The game screen will appear. There are 40 words per game. You have 5 seconds to select the correct meaning of the word. If you are playing on the highest unlocked level, the next level will be unlocked if you complete the game with less than 10 incorrect answers.

* How to Reset: To reset the game by setting the best score back to 0 and number of levels completed back to 0, simply select the Reset All button on the first screen.

* Rating: If you like this app, please leave a 5-star rating! Happy Playing!

IMPORTANT: This app is provided ‘as is’ without any claims or warranties.

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