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Toot’s Harbour
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Heave ho, let’s go!

Come and explore with Toot the Tiny Tugboat in Toot’s Harbour: an exciting open-world toy for boys and girls; preschool age (and up).

In this bright, sunny seaside location populated with colourful characters, you can guide Toot to meet his friends, play games, tow boats and collect rubber duckies and starfish along the way!

All the detail of Toot’s world is brought to life in this immersive 3D experience. Listen to the surf lapping the beach and seagulls squawking overhead as you sail over the rippling sea waves.

*** NEWS UPDATE: recently awarded commendation at BAFTA Cymru Games and Interactive 2015 ***

Game Features:

– Uses all the music and voices from the animated television series
– Hear your favourite characters talk to you!
– Play mini-games in the Harbour:
– I Spy Game: Help the twins spot all the different characters around the Harbour using the Harbour Master’s binoculars
– Towing Game: Toot might be tiny, but he’s mighty! Help him tow the boats safely to and from the Harbour – even really big, heavy boats like Pop the Ocean Liner!
– New mini game on its way!
– Earn sparkly stars for helping Toot around the Harbour
– Lots of payoff and colour for little ones
– Rewards screen to celebrate your progress
– Two different control options to drive Toot
– Child-friendly
– No in-app purchases

Apart from information about Toot-based content, there is no advertising in Toot’s Harbour and nothing that takes you outside the app.

For more information about Toot the Tiny Tugboat, sail over to:
Support contact:

Includes Welsh language support.

Note on device compatibility:
iPad 2 upwards has been tested as working with optimum performance on iPad 4 upwards.
iPhone 4S minimum for phone performance.


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