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Generate random sets of Dominion cards automatically!

Simply select the sets you want to draw from, pick the options that you like, and get a random set of cards to keep your Dominion games fresh and interesting.

All of the core functionality will always remain free for everyone, but if you want to leave me a tip to support future development you will get access to some “house rules” for even more options. All tip levels unlock all the house rules. But if it’s in the rulebook, it’s free in the app.

• Generate a random game using the card sets you choose
• Swipe to replace a card in a random game
• Favorite a random game to save it and play again
• White List a card to always include it
• Black List a card to never see it again
• Includes all recommended games from all expansions
• Automatically create a Black Market, Bane Card, or Event Pile

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