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The Llawysgrifen app has been developed to allow children learning the Welsh alphabet to practice their handwriting in two different styles. The app as been created as part of the Technoleg Mawr Mewn Dwylo Bach project which focuses on creating new software for use by young children learning how to read and speak Welsh. We are supported through funding from the Welsh Government’s Welsh-language Technology and Digital Media Fund.

We believe use of tablet computers and mobile devices is increasingly playing a pivotal role in ‘engaging, enthusing and inspiring’ learners in school and at home. Unfortunately, the provision for Welsh language medium schools to engage with the newest technology through the medium of Welsh is hindered by the lack of Welsh language apps. We firmly believe that technology should be as readily available to all pupils as paper, pens, and books and feel having a greater choice of apps for young Welsh language learners will allow them to engage in unique ways not currently available to them. As teachers are being encouraged to engage even greater with new technology, there is a stark reminder that much of the technology available is only accessible through the English language.

Working together with students and teachers from YGG Llwyncelyn and YGG Llyn Y Forwyn primary schools in the Rhondda Valleys, the app was developed by Big Click, a social enterprise for Penrhys Partnership which focuses on improving access to technology at a community level.

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