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The safer way to browse. Kiosk Ciosg allows the launching of websites of your choice, in full screen ‘kiosk’ mode. Websites appear ‘as apps’, enabling children to enjoy their favourite websites in a safer environment. Designed for iPad.

Websites are displayed within the app, creating an environment where children can only visit your choice of pre-selected websites without fear of navigating elsewhere by accident.*

The app is PIN protected and stores up to four URLs at a time. The URLs are simple to edit and update.

The app can be used in English language or Welsh language mode.

*If the chosen URL(s) / website(s) contain links to inappropriate content for young children or the ‘wider web’ this is wholly the responsibility of the individual that added the URL(s) / website(s). Ginormous Solutions Limited takes no responsibility for the content of the websites launched from this app.

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