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Guto Nyth Brân
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Guto Nyth Brân is a Welsh second language app and online resource for teachers and pupils (5-11 years old) that will develop Welsh language skills in an interesting and fun-filled way. The game is based on the story of Guto Nyth Brân, a legendary 18th century athlete from the Pontypridd area.

The game was developed in association with The Welsh Government, Welsh language specialists, Red Ninja developers and the pupils and teachers of:

Ysgol Maelgwn, Llandudno Junction, Woodlands Community Primary School, Cwmbrân and Trowbridge Primary School, Cardiff.

Featuring beautifully illustrated characters and fun gameplay, the app will encourage children to engage with the Welsh language.


• Easy, medium and hard levels to suit varying learning abilities
• KS1 & KS2 teacher authored and evaluated content
• North and South Welsh content
• Easy drag and drop spelling game
• Race map screen that shows players’ progress
• Curricular related topics
• Audio by professional actor Llŷr Ifans.
• Learners’ spelling review section
• High score Leaderboard

Guto Nyth Brân has a complementary Welsh Language App for Secondary schools called Dreigiau Dinas Emrys.

Part funded by the Welsh Government as part of its Welsh and bilingual teaching and learning resources commissioning programme.

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