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eeZeeTrip allows schools to directly inform parents of trips and events. Parents can easily give consent and make online payments.
No more rummaging in school bags for permission slips and letters! Now available in Welsh.

School not using eeZeetrip?
Parents should contact their child’s school in order to start using eeZeeTrip.

Getting Started?
Create your free eeZeeTrip account.
Your child’s school will send you a letter with a secure, unique activation code.
Enter this code to link your account with your child.
Sign and send the confirmation letter back to school.
The school will then activate your account.

Need to send consent for a trip?
When a trip or event is published by the school, you will get an instant notification to your eeZeeTrip account.
Simply select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, the school will instantly be updated with your decision.
You can also add the trip to your calendar.

Schools can now send parents unlimited numbers of In-App messages for free. No more hunting through emails and SMSs for those important messages.

No problem – eeZeeTrip allows you to make online payments for trips.

Kids in more than one school?
No problem, your eeZeeTrip account connects you to the different schools.

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