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Doopoll is an online platform for creating dynamic polls that enable effective decision making.

Blind Feedback

People have valuable opinions but it can be intimidating to share them in group situations. doopoll allows you to collect opinions from your people without worrying about outside influences.

Live Updates

Why should you have to wait to find out what your group thinks? Watch the data come in live. doopoll updates everything on your screen in real time allowing you to react to it on the fly.

Rapid Looping

Having to load up lots of pages kills your feedback process. Page reloading times are a thing of the past. doopoll is ultra responsive to users and has massive speed advantages over traditional systems.

Device Agnostic

No need to download an app or have a special handset. We’ve built doopoll with compatibility in mind. Works with all modern browsers. Pull out your phone, tablet or laptop and go! No more frustrating tech issues.

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