Denbigh Castle & Town Walls

Denbigh Castle & Town Walls
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Welcome to Denbigh Castle and Town Walls!

This app is more than just a guide. It helps you to understand what it was like to live and work in this medieval fortress. Unlike traditional walking trails, this app allows you to explore the castle and town walls in any order and take part in challenges at each location.

Play the app as Huw the Guard, Eleanor de Lacy or Tom the Kitchen Boy and help solve their missions around the castle and town walls. You get to visit each location around the grounds and take part in challenges to help your character.

– Supports Welsh and English language options
– Contains 13 locations around Denbigh Castle and Town Walls
– Each location gives you a historical background
– See photos of each location
– GPS map helps you find your way between locations
– Play as a character to help you learn the history of the area
– Take part in fun challenges as you walk around the area
– Upload your own photos for others to see
– Send a virtual postcard to family and friends for FREE within the app
– Follow the story around Wales with information on other places to visit

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