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My Landlord (Cadwyn HA) is a housing repairs app that enables Cadwyn Housing Association tenants to report internal and external problems and repairs. It is a simple process that sends the details of what the issue is, where is it, allows tenants to attach an image and confirm their availability for the repair to be undertaken.

Cadwyn Housing Association receives the report immediately and communicates with the tenant within the app. This means all messages are sent and received by the app, so that the tenant can easily see all the comments, questions and the status of the repair, and the repairs process can be managed as quickly as possible. The app allows tenants to report multiple problems/ repairs and see them all separately.

In addition to housing repairs reporting, (Cadwyn HA) provides tenants with a range of information and other services from Cadwyn Housing Association. There is access to Jobcentre Plus and a range of local services, news etc.

The app also allows the reporting of abandoned vehicles, dumped rubbish, graffiti, street
lighting faults, potholes, anti-social behaviour and street furniture damage to the local authority for handling.

This application is not designed or suitable for the purposes of reporting emergency repairs.

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