ASD Planning Assistant

ASD Planning Assistant
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This new and innovative app supports people with an ASD by simply allowing them to plan and sequence daily activities. Through an intuitive system the user can organise daily tasks in a step by step manner and add advice, reminders or instructions for each step. The tasks are then linked with a calendar feature allowing activities to be planned ahead and reminders can be set if needed. The app is fully integrated with GPS functionality enabling a user to make full use of maps and tasks can also be shared via email to others using the app.

This app is a first of its kind in Wales and is fully bilingual in English and Welsh. It has been developed by the Welsh Local Government Association, and funded by the Welsh Government as part of the ASD Strategic Action Plan for Wales.


· Personalised content added by user

· Build activities in a step by step sequence

· Add advice, reminders or instructions for each step

· Add sequenced activities to calendar

· Available in English and Welsh

· Email activities to other users

· GPS functionality to link with maps

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