Free Welsh Localization – FAQ

We understand some people might have questions about localizing an app into Welsh, so we’ve put together a list of what we think are the most commonly asked ones. If you have a question we haven’t answered then drop us a line at or tweet us and we’ll reply as soon as we can!



Who runs Apps in Welsh?

Apps in Welsh is run and managed by Applingua with help and funding from the Welsh Government. Applingua is dedicated to helping developers provide their apps for all users to enjoy, regardless of language.


Is this really free? No hidden costs?

In a world where most free things come with a hidden price tag, we realise this is quite hard to believe. We absolutely promise however that this is 100% free! We’ve received funding from Welsh Government to increase the number of apps available in the Welsh language which means, essentially, that they’re covering the cost of this – not you.


I’m not interested in Welsh, can I pick another language for free instead?

Unfortunately our funding only covers localizations in Welsh. But it’s free, so why not give it a go anyway? 🙂


How do we deal with updates and revisions to our app?

We’re offering a year of free updates and revisions, by which time hopefully your Welsh user base will be paying for itself (i.e there will be sufficient demand to afford the localization updates).

It’s possible that we’ll receive more funding after this round is up (it’s determined yearly) but obviously that’s not guaranteed so we wouldn’t like to promise more than 12 months of additional support.

If you want to carry on with the Welsh localization after that time then updates and revisions would be charged at our standard language rate which is $0.18/£0.12 per word. All glossary based translations will be free (i.e. if your update text has already been translated before by Applingua on your or another app, then you get it free).


Is Welsh supported natively?

Yes! Since iOS 8, Welsh is handled exactly the same as all other natively supported languages. No extra development required, just plug it in like you’ve already done with your other localizations.


Can I also localize my app store description and keywords?

At this time Welsh apps are accessed via the UK App Store, which means the descriptions and keywords will show in English. This might change in the future and if/when it does we’ll be on board!


Can I localize an Android app? A Mac Store app? A Windows phone app?

Yes…and no. Android doesn’t support Welsh in quite the same way (yet) so while you can’t physically set your device into Welsh we can still create a Welsh version of your app. Take a look at Farty Sheep as an example of how that works.

The Mac App Store does support Welsh as a language, but our funding this time only covers Mac apps if you’re also doing an iOS app.

As far as we know Windows phone doesn’t support Welsh yet at all. Again, when that changes we’ll be the first to take advantage of it!


I’ve never localized an app before, how do I start?

All you need to do is send us a full set of your strings. We’ve put together an extensive Localization Knowledge Base – check out our article on localizing an app for the first time for more information on the process 🙂


How long does localizing an app take?

This will all depend on your word count but as a ballpark figure, an average app takes between 3-4 days.


Can I do other languages at the same time?

Sure! Head on over to our ‘Get a quote‘ page and add the languages you’d like to your request. There’s a checkbox there to include Welsh as a free language.


I’m in – how do I start?

If you’re just interested in Welsh you can use our submit an app form to get in touch with us. If you want more than one language you’re better off using our quote form 🙂